The Astonishing Plaquistadore #1 – Sweet Sister Funk

First of all. My dearest Janne aka. Sweet Sister Funk. Congratulations with your birthday. I am grateful and honored to spend my day with you here in Brooklyn!

1 Year ago, the Plaquerobot was so lucky to celebrate the joint 30th anniversary of its manufacturing, and her birthday. Back then we threw one hell of a party back in Nørrebro at the House of Bjelkes Alle; The Head Quarter Numero 1 and official lair of the Plaquerobot.

Razz og janne

Today I´m so fortunate to spend my day in her wonderful company with her awesome friends, and in commemoration of her birthday I have decided to rerelease a mixtape dedicated to this amazing being. This is the first time that the Plaque Robot recycles stuff, but my decks are 3843,22 miles away, so whats a Bot to do! However I have contacted my buddies at Dolby Digital and as the true artist that I am, i had my boys sittin´ up all night working on refining this dope shit. So I am proud to present; “Ode to Sweet Sister Funk” rereleased mixtape in Dolby Digital 7.1 (For all you newcomers to my blog I usually make a mixtape to share all the cool Hertz and beats of the world. Click or download mixtape in the end of this post)

Programme for The Plaquerobot for today in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn 11206 (Hoppy beer is involved in 78% of this programme):

  • Remove my high powered cord from my ass, after a much needed rest due to the remaining jet lag. Damn you Zendium
  • Have my first daily intake of 164oz of coffee (Some coffee company please sponsor me!!!)
  • Make breakfeast and chill in the backyard of HQ#3 – Home of the Sweet Sister Funk
  • Write this post…
  • Bake a cake, and present my present for Sweet Sister Funk; A paid for leg wax, possibly with chocolate involved!
  • Participate in our block party. This is the weather for today
  • Razz a lot of people (again for all you newcomers to the Plaquerobot; To Razz somebody is to confuse people with my parallel universes. A tactic known as divide the mind and conquer the soul with peace, laughter and a certain amount of Plogic. The Razz is the only known link between Rasmus Petrussen and The Plaquerobot
  • BBQ some lovely food with friends
  • Head out to Sugarhiill Disco and play some records and dance my screws loose
  • Razz some more folks
  • Dance, Dance, Dance
  • Head back to HQ#3 and wire my self up for a good night rest – Ready for crate diggin on sunday in Williamsburg!

All in all a typical day in the Universe of the Plaquerobot 🙂

Hope to see you out there

Plaque over and out


Playliste: Playlist – Ode to Sweet Sister Funk

Bonus Mixtape: